North Korea is also an emergency these days because of the spread of the new corona virus.

Chosun Central TV delivers news to the residents about the current situation of damage outside of North Korea.

[Korea Chosun TV (Yesterday): As of the 2nd, the number of new coronavirus (virus) infections reached 17,205 and the death toll reached 361.]

The news of our confirmers was also relatively detailed.

[Central Central TV (Yesterday): Infected people are increasing rapidly in South Korea. Patients with tertiary infection first occurred in South Korea… .]

The fact that North Korea is keen on infection in South Korea means that it is concerned about the possibility of inter-Korean propagation.

In fact, face-to-face contact between North and South Korean authorities has been temporarily suspended.

[Lee Sang-min / Unification Ministry spokesman (last 30 days): (South and North) agreed to temporarily suspend operation of the inter-Korean joint office until the risk of the new corona virus is completely resolved through consultation of the liaison representative.]

As a result, all 58 of us in Kaesong were restored, and the liaison work that the inter-Korean practitioners met was replaced by telephone and fax lines.

North Korea has informed it that it will postpone demands for removal of Mt. Kumgang. For now, it seems that blocking contact is the top priority.

[Song In-beom / Director of the North Korean Ministry of Health (Yesterday): Now, there is no new coronavirus (virus) infection in our country.

North Korea says no confirmed patients have occurred inside, and those who have a fever or cough are being quarantined.