34-year-old Mehrnoosh "Nooshi" Dadgostar has been vice-party chairman for the Left Party since 2018 and has been in parliament since 2014. According to TT News Agency, she joined the party as a 14-year-old because she "liked Young Left's feminist campaigns". Dadgostar has studied the law program at Stockholm University.

- The Left Party has the opportunity to gather people for a strong welfare state and right now there is no more important task than the party leader post, says Nooshi Dadgostar, to Ekot.

Who will become the next leader of the Left Party will be decided during the congress in Västerås May 21-24.

Ulla Andersson, the party's economic policy spokesperson and also her favorite tip for the party leader post, has already received support from several V-districts. Andersson wanted to take over after Lars Ohly - but withdrew his candidacy when it became clear that there will be no shared leadership. She has not yet left a message if she is running this year.

Rossana Dinamarca has previously refused to run for office. Also EU parliamentarian Malin Björk and the party's spokesperson on labor market issues Ali Esbati has said no.