Trump administration sends new drugs to citizens while imposing new sanctions on Iran Jan 31 11:04

The U.S. Trump administration has announced that it has sent new drugs to Iranian citizens while imposing new sanctions on the Nuclear Agency and Saleh Nuclear Commissioner for allegedly pursuing nuclear development.

Special Representative Hook, who oversees Iranian policy at the U.S. State Department, held a news conference on Wednesday, criticizing again that Iran has been accelerating its nuclear program by increasing its storage of low-enriched uranium.

He also announced that the Iran Nuclear Agency, which will lead the nuclear program, and Saleh of the Nuclear Agency will impose new US-specific sanctions that prohibit dealings with Americans.

On the other hand, Mr. Hook revealed that he sent drugs such as cancer to Iran for drugs that were considered difficult to obtain in Iran due to the effects of US sanctions.

It says it has created a mechanism to deliver medicines directly to Iranian citizens with the cooperation of the Swiss government, and emphasizes that the Iranian government has intervened to remove concerns about intercepting humanitarian funds and supplies. .

Mr. Hook said, `` Iranians know that the responsibility for not reaching medicines to citizens is not the U.S. sanctions but the administration of Iran '', and sending medicines is the point of dissatisfaction and criticism of citizens Seems to be aimed at the Iranian government.

Iran Nuclear Agency "Childish measures"

Iranian Atomic Energy Agency spokeswoman Kamalbandi accused the United States of local media, saying, "These sanctions are a political game of the United States and are worthless childish measures."

"The United States, which has withdrawn from the nuclear agreement, is not in a position to dismiss Iran's response. These measures have no effect on Iran's nuclear program," he said. Stressed.