The infection protection expert: The corona virus is doubled every seven days

Right now, the corona virus is doubled every seven days and it will continue at that rate if no change is made, says Pasi Penttinen, a physician and infection control expert for the "European Center for Disease Prevention and Control".

- If the world does not act now, the virus could become a pandemic in the future, he says.

Suspected serious rape in park in Uppsala

A girl must have been raped in a park in Uppsala. No one has been arrested yet and the police say they are interested in testimony. A preliminary investigation into serious rape has been launched.

The NBA is redoing "all star" to honor Bryant

The NBA will honor Kobe Bryant in next month's "all star match". A new format will be introduced where the law meets for four periods and on the way raises money for a selected charity.

"It will increase the level of competition, increase the excitement and help make each period important for the charity," the NBA writes.