• Ten thousand cases, involving twenty countries. WHO: is a global emergency for Coronavirus
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  • WHO declares the global emergency for Coronavirus


by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea 31 January 2020 Italy is at the highest level of caution in Europe on the coronavirus, said Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio during the conference at the Farnesina, convened to take stock of the situation.

"On the night between 2 and 3 February, Monday morning, our compatriots will land in Italy, about 80 who are in Wuhan at the moment" announced Minister Di Maio speaking of the coronavirus emergency during a teleconference with the Italian ambassador in China, Luca Ferrari ", specifying that" obviously they will be subjected to a health regime here in Italy in a dedicated place "and in particular" they will be hosted for quarantine by a military facility ".

Di Maio then explained: "Some Italians have chosen not to return to stay away from their family members". It is a dozen out of 80 people. They "will maintain a direct line with the diplomatic network," said the head of the foreign ministry.

"There are around 11,600 Italians in China, around 80 are in the Wuhan area," said Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio during the press conference at the Farnesina. "About 500 citizens, who are located in areas other than Wuhan, asked for information to return to Italy and for this reason we decided to set up a special Operations Unit, under the coordination of the Farnesina Crisis Unit, which will meet in the next hours with the Ministry of Health, Infrastructures and ENAC to facilitate the procedures. This unit will take care of returning the Italians who want to return, the Chinese citizens temporarily present in Italy and who want to return to China and the traffic management goods that must be guaranteed within the limits of health protocols ".

"Until midnight on February 2 - the minister continued - the planes that will bring those who already have a ticket back to China will be able to take off. Then with the Chinese embassy we will evaluate any exceptions, adding:" Italy is a friend of the people. and we intend to provide the necessary support "to overcome the crisis.

Di Maio: the relationship between deaths and healed is now equal, bodes well
"Information on the coronavirus epidemic sees these data: 10 thousand contaminated, 213 deaths with an average age of over 75 years and 210 recovered. What can bode well is that 72 hours ago the ratio between deaths and recovered was two at one hour we are on par, "said Di Maio during the press conference after the meeting with the Italian Embassy in Beijing to take stock of the situation.