Laila Ali

Being selfish is not a mistake, it is a necessity; self-care is an important part of being a human being, while our connections increase and our relationship with others deepens, our feelings of ourselves and our needs must be deepened.

Wisdom says "You cannot pour out of an empty cup", and you also cannot continue giving or build strong, reliable, normal relationships with everyone around you when you are exhausted.

With the start of the new year, make communication with yourself a priority before communicating with others, be yourself, and allow yourself to love yourself more, and make decisions in the new year related to developing and nurturing yourself, when you are correct heart, soul and body will certainly reflect this on the general atmosphere of the family and children.

"If you tend to put yourself at the end of your priority list, this means that you are not only neglecting yourself, but also everyone who depends on you," writer Casey Johnston says in her article entitled "51 Ways to Take Care of Yourself" on HolyFly.

"If caring for yourself makes you feel guilty, especially if you are a mother to young children, make sure that taking care of yourself is just as important as making sure your child has clean diapers, or that he does not play with a knife so as not to harm himself," Johnston added.

Johnston advises women to choose a list of self-care that suits each of them, such as losing weight for example, exercising, learning a new skill, saving more money, spending more time with family and friends, traveling more, reading more, and wearing an outfit that It makes you feel good, buy a set of tools that you love, write a letter or email to an old friend, and finally cook a luxurious meal for yourself without another reason but you deserve it.

For her part, psychiatrist and trainer Mai Casanova - in an article on "Marriage" - offers seven ways in which women can take more care of themselves and can add slowly to the daily routine of life.

Eliminate the desire to be everything for everyone (communication sites)

1- Say "no"
It can be difficult to think about self-care when we think about how much we have to do for others, so it is okay to say "no" to anything that is difficult for you to do right now, say not to lunch, to volunteer in your children's school when it is You have a stressful week full of hard work. It's okay to say no.

We can get rid of the desire to be everything for everyone, so that it does not turn into a duty and not an option for you.

2- Put your phone away
The stress that comes with "always needing to be available" can be enormous. Give yourself some time not to answer this text, that phone call, or that email. The world will stay awake when you get back to them at the time that suits you, and you can also start reducing the urge to respond as quickly as possible.

3- Practice meditation
This may be an application that requires five minutes a day, and you can take five deep breaths when you start your day and when your day ends too. Take five minutes in the car to review the goals of your day, and what you would like to do, set your priorities for the day and do not forget to put self-care in these priorities.

Meditate for at least five minutes a day (pixels)

4- Embrace your children more
We human beings yearn to communicate with others, and we feel comfortable when we embrace a person soon, so more than hugging your children, your husband, your parents or your brothers, you will give them a beautiful feeling of affection and closeness to communication, and you will also feel this feeling of comfort and the beauty of having relationships in our lives.

5- "I have to think about it"
Whatever these are, president, spouse, friend, child, mother or father, you have the right to spend time thinking about answering the questions addressed to you. Often times we pressure ourselves to give the other side an answer that may be reckless and not represent what we really want to do.

So give yourself time to "think about it," this may help you reach a reasonable, thoughtful answer that is better than an impulsive, impulsive answer.

6- Get out of the house
Sometimes you are at home and feel a lot of pressure in your head, and this sometimes leads to saying things to others that you regret later, and as soon as you leave the house you feel a better feeling, and you wish the time would come back and do not utter those folly again.

Make going outside for walking or hiking a goal in itself. Get out of the house for only a few minutes each day, and you will feel much better. The outside has a blue sky, fresh air, a gentle breeze, flowers, trees and sunlight, your body needs it, also outside you will see people smiling and saying "hello".

7- Thank God
To conjure up three things that you thank God every morning and every evening, to start your day by thanking God for the grants he gave you; save you from fear of the future, and keep you away from the pain of the past, because you are simply satisfied with your current situation.

Give yourself a time frame to achieve your goal (German).

To achieve this, writer Brad Zumick recommends taking a number of steps, and he says in his article entitled "Top Ten Most Popular New Years Resolutions and How to Follow It" on Goskills if you want to achieve New Year's decisions regarding caring for yourself You must prepare mentally for change, and try to start gradually and do not make big and quick changes once, you have to remain positive as well.

Give yourself a time frame to achieve a goal. The deadline will instill some urgency and save time when you can celebrate your success.

You should also write your goals to care for yourself because they are easy to forget, and writing down your decisions helps you clarify what you want to achieve. Also share your decisions with others when possible, and finally review your decisions regularly.