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Watch .. leaked photos from a meeting of the Emirati company that deceived young Sudanese


New photos obtained by Al-Jazeera showed the presence of Sudanese youth in eastern Libya, which the Emirati Black Shield had transferred to Libya before returning them to Abu Dhabi after popular pressure.

Other leaked photos also show a meeting of the Emirati Black Shield company with a group of young people who are still in the Emirates to choose between returning to their country or staying to work with the company, which according to its General Manager Saif Al Kaabi provides security services inside and outside the UAE, as he mentioned in his speech to them a number of Job temptations for those who want to stay.

Al-Kaabi addressed them saying, "As for my brothers who want to stay, the work will be inside or outside the UAE if asked to do so, by choosing you, if you say you work inside the Emirates we will provide you with housing, transportation and three meals, all these three things will be provided in any location."

And Al-Jazeera obtained videos showing a group of Sudanese youth who were exposed to what was described as a hoax by an Emirati security services company called Black Shield, who transferred them to Libya after they were subjected to military training in camps inside the Emirates.

And confirms the presence of their phones with them after they had withdrawn from them that taking these photos was after they learned of the news of their return to Abu Dhabi in preparation for their return to their country after popular pressure.

It also shows some of what these young people posted on Facebook, their insistence to return to their country or limit their work to institutions inside the Emirates.

"After the training period at the camp ended, the company representative came and told us you will travel outside the UAE, and this breach of the contract needs clarification," said one of the young men, stressing that the contract provided for work within the city of Abu Dhabi and not outside it.

Those who arrived in Khartoum at a press conference announced their intention to take legal measures against the Emirati company to redress the psychological damage they were subjected to as a result of this hoax or traumatic disregard, according to their description.

Yesterday, dozens of Sudanese continued their sit-in in front of the UAE embassy in Khartoum for the second day in a row, to demand the return of their "deceived" colleagues on the contracts of security guards in the Emirates.

"In a training camp belonging to the UAE Armed Forces, our phones were withdrawn, and we are the second batch that entered the camp, and with the arrival of the third batch, we learned with concern of our people against us after sending the first batch of Sudanese to work," the spokesman for the protesters said in front of the Abu Dhabi embassy, ​​Al-Bara Ahmed Othman. in Lybia".

Earlier Wednesday, Sudanese Information Minister Faisal Muhammad Salih said that his country requested the UAE to return its citizens sent to Libya.

Source: aljazeera

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