It could be said that Mark Garland the Mediterranean is returning his son Ben, 24 years old . First was his motorcycle, parked on the coast of Portinatx; then his jacket, floating in the sea 300 meters from the shore, and with his documentation still in his pockets; and now his watch, submerged in one of those pools that waves are invented in the rocks.

On Tuesday 21, the stormy Gloria left winds in the Balearic Islands of 110 kilometers per hour, and a historic wave on the island of sa Dragonera, 14.2 meters. Ben Garland, a crew member of a superyacht moored in the port of Ibiza, informed the captain that he was leaving with his motorcycle northwest of the island to take photos and videos of the storm, as he would later leave registered on his Instagram account. Never comeback.

On Tuesday he found his motorcycle and, on Thursday, the crew of the Maritime Rescue boat Guardamar Polimnia his jacket. That same day Mark Garland and a brother of Ben arrived on the island from Trowbridge, in the county of Wiltshire, west of England, to join the search. At that time several boats, helicopters and dozens of volunteers are already working all over the Pitiusan coast.

Last Saturday, while they were crossing a stretch of coast on their own, they found Ben's watch, a fake Tag Heuer, whose image his father shared on his Facebook account. "I can confirm that it is Ben's watch, it was from a collection that his uncle passed to him," he told the Wiltshire Times.

While looking for Ben, the Mediterranean was filling the bodies of Ibiza and Formentera with corpses. Four in a week. On the same day of the disappearance of English, the trail of the 41-year-old Colombian, Edilberto Alarcón, was lost in the waters of Cala de Sant Vicent, also northwest of the island. And hours later the Civil Guard collected the first corpse of the beach of Llevant, on the island of Formentera.


Due to its advanced state of decomposition, it was immediately ruled out that it was the English or Colombian missing. A few days later it was confirmed that it was Alessandro Luis Santos, a 45-year-old Brazilian, whose disappearance was reported by relatives in Santa Eulalia (Ibiza) at the beginning of the year.

Two days later, this time on the beach of Illetas de Formentera , but very close to where Alessandro was found, the sea left another corpse. Neither were English or Colombian missing Tuesday. The body was also in an advanced state of decomposition but inside a wetsuit. Subsequent investigations confirmed that it was Kenneth Dallas McPherson, a 62-year-old Scotsman, who had gone out with his kayak, but on the morning of November 23, more than 200 kilometers away, in Torrevieja, Alicante.

The next day, on Friday, Civil Protection volunteers found another body in the waters of Cala de Sant Vicent. This time yes, Edilberto Alarcón's, disappeared the same day as Ben. Although his wife had reported in detail the clothes he was wearing at the time he left home, with the intention of taking a selfie with Gloria in full, the storm returned with only the running shoes on.

Two days later, last Sunday, search teams removed another body of water from the beach of Aïgues Blanques, in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. Again a corpse in an advanced state of decomposition and without a head. The authorities still do not know who he is but they have already confirmed that it is not Ben either.

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