The over 120 meter high container cranes are currently being shipped across the seas from China to the new container port Stockholm Norvik Port in Nynäshamn.

The trip from Shanghai started on January 10. During the journey, the two new super post-panamax cranes will be in the lowered position with a height of 80 meters. Each crane weighs 2,000 tons each.

Lifts 65 tons

Once in place in Norvik Port, the giants will fold up and get just over 120 meters high. Each crane can lift 65 tonnes and 22 containers in width.

- They are, to me, by far the only Panama cranes to be found along the Swedish coast in the Baltic Sea, says Ingrid Hansson, press officer at Stockholm's Ports.

At the end of March, the cranes will arrive in Norvik and in May the new 16.5 meter deep port is expected to open.