It is the consulting company WSP that has compared the city centers in Sweden's 67 largest cities. The three very largest cities are not included in the survey because they have so different conditions, so we count them here as well.

Statistics from Statistics Sweden have been produced and several different factors have been weighed together. Jönköping got the best result, but it is always at the top, and in sixth place we find Linköping followed by Norrköping.

At place 64, second last, came Motala and Mjölby was not much better.

Most live in Norrköping

One reason why Norrköping is so high up is that it is the city that has by far the most people living in the center. Given the continued intensive construction in Norrköping's inner city, the city will learn to pull away in that category for the next few years.

Lund comes second and Linköping third in the country when it comes to large population in the center.

Old people live in Motala

The survey also shows that Norrköping is in third place when it comes to the cities that have relatively least car traffic in the city center. There, Lund topped, followed by Södertälje with Visby in fourth place.

Norrköping was also given the title of "Sweden's youngest city", as it has the largest proportion of people under 65 in the city center. Motala is one of the oldest cities in the country.

Rika lives in Linköping and Visby

Visby is one of the cities with the largest share of foreign background living in the city center and both Visby and Linköping belong to the cities with the most high income earners who live centrally.

One category that Visby wins by far is the one that applies to which city has the largest proportion of employees in the hotel and restaurant industry.