The US military acknowledged the downfall of its military plane in Ghazni province (eastern Afghanistan) yesterday, while the Taliban confirmed the death of those on board.

A spokesman for the American forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Sony Legate, confirmed the crash of a US military Bombardier E-11A plane yesterday in Ghazni province, most of which is under Taliban control.

Leggett added that the causes of the accident are still under investigation, but he said there were no indications that it was caused by hostile fire.

The Taliban had announced that they had shot down the "tactical" plane in the village of "Sado Khilo" in the "De Yak" area, without explaining how to shoot it down.

The movement said that the plane was flying for intelligence purposes, and that all those on board were killed, without specifying the number of casualties.

However, the Associated Press quoted Afghan journalist Tariq Ghazni and said that he saw two bodies in the wreckage of the plane while it was burning soon after it crashed ten kilometers from a US base in the region.

Ghazni Waal added that Taliban fighters had rushed to the crash site to protect him, while others went to a nearby village to search for two people believed to have survived the accident.

The Afghan journalist continued that the plane crashed yesterday at about one o'clock yesterday afternoon, and that the residents did not hear a loud bang when the accident occurred.

On social media, a video of the American plane was circulated while its structure was burning in a snow-covered area, and two men appeared near it.

It is reported that this aircraft provides support for drones, equipped with advanced communications equipment, and is operated by the forces responsible for drones in the US military.