Berlin (dpa / tmn) - Some parents roll their eyes when the children play on the tablet or on the console all day. Others sit down and pick up the controller themselves.

The best console currently available for this is Nintendo's Switch - also and above all because the Japanese manufacturer attaches great importance to family-friendliness in its own games: the games are never too brutal or creepy, on the contrary.

An extra in the leading role

The newest representative of this genre is the scary adventure "Luigi's Mansion 3". Mario's somewhat less fortunate but lovable brother Luigi takes on the leading role. He goes ghost hunting in a cursed hotel. Many problems can only be solved together with "Gooigi", a slimy copy of Luigi.

This is the ideal starting point for common horror: one player controls Luigi, the other Gooigi. In this way, puzzles are solved together and ghosts are fought together. At the same time, Gooigi never has to fear virtual death. Frustration never occurs for younger people either.

Long runner on four wheels

The futuristic car football game "Rocket League" by Psyonix has been around for a few years, but still has many loyal fans. Beginners, however, have to put a little effort into it until the not-so-uncomplicated control goes smoothly.

Practical for families: children and their parents can choose to play with or against each other, online against real people and against the computer or in exercise mode without any opponents. Too much anger about goals conceded is excluded.

Abstruse cherry hunting for big and small

"Chuchel" by the Czech developer Amanita Games is a stroke of luck for young and old friends of the absurd humor. Because behind the cryptic name is a very crazy adventure, without any text or dialogues, but all the more creativity.

Disadvantage: "Chuchel" can only be played by one person. The others can only watch and make suggestions. However, the rhythm of trial, error and amazement or laughter is at least half the fun - and not so much the clicking and typing itself.

Chaos on the abyss

If "Chuchel" is funny, then "Heave-Ho!" from Le Cartel Studio almost 100 percent slapstick. The task: One to four players have to cross an abyss. However, their characters consist only of heads and long, flexible arms. The solution: hold on tight, form long chains and swing to the finish.

This requires some coordination, with each other and with the controller. But not too much either. Because the funniest is "Heave-Ho!" When plans fail spectacularly. The game of skill always remains child-friendly.

When the kitchen rolls

The right balance of chaos and coordination is the focus of "Overcooked" and "Overcooked 2" from developer Ghost Town Games. Four players have to solve tasks together - only this time not in the abyss, but in a commercial kitchen.

A good division of tasks is required: one cuts, one roasts, one puts together, and why haven't the plates been washed yet? The whole thing is made more difficult by the fact that the kitchens are becoming more and more abusive from level to level - from the space station to the truck bed almost everything is included. Caution: Compared to other titles, "Overcooked" is much more demanding.

Service: "Luigi's Mansion 3", Nintendo, for Switch, age rating from 6 years, approx. 50 Euro "Rocket League", Psyonix, for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), approx. 20 Euro "Chuchel", Amanita Design, for PC (Windows, Mac) and smartphones / tablets (iOS, Android), 5 to 10 Euro "Botanicula", Amanita Design, for PC (Windows, Mac) and smartphones / tablets (iOS, Android), approx. 10 euros "Heave-Ho!", Le Cartel Studios / Devolver Digital, for switch and PC (Windows, Mac), approx. 10 euros "Overcooked", Ghost Town Games / Team 17, for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (Windows), approx. 20 euros "Overcooked 2", Ghost Town Games / Team 17, for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), approx. 25 euros

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