• US plane crashes in Afghanistan, the Pentagon confirms. The Taliban claim "CIA era"


January 28, 2020 Iranian news agency MEHR, citing Russian intelligence sources, has announced that Michael D'Andrea, senior CIA official coordinator of the attack that killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, would be among the US victims of the plane crash. occurred last Monday in the province of Ghazni in Afghanistan. Michael D'Andrea was responsible for West Asia for the CIA.

The plane, used for communications and reconnaissance in the mountainous areas, fell into the territory controlled by the Taliban, who claimed responsibility for the shooting down of the aircraft. But Colonel Sonny Leggett, a U.S. Army spokesman in Afghanistan, denied the Taliban's involvement in the incident. The spokesman then said that there are ongoing investigations and the information will be released after the conclusion of the investigation. The Pentagon has not released any information on the number of victims of the disaster.