The first cases have come to Europe. Last Friday, France's Health Minister announced that two cases have been detected in the country.

Over the weekend, the number of coronavirus infected has increased to over 2,000 people and now the Foreign Ministry is advising against unnecessary trips to Hubei in China. Previously, Norway and Denmark discouraged citizens from traveling to Hubei Province.

Leif Dotevall points out the importance of now being extra careful with hygiene.

- General advice becomes even more important. This way you can easily avoid the spread of infection easily. If you are cold, stay at home, wash your hands and cough in your arm fold. It doesn't have to be harder, he says.

Call 1177 on suspicion

In Sweden, a dozen people have been tested for the corona virus. Also several from Västra Götaland.

- It is natural that we do this immediately when suspicion arises. If you have been to China and the Hubei Province and have respiratory symptoms then you should call 1177 for advice on how to act, says Leif Dotevall.

At the same time, China has increased the number of quarantined cities. At least eight cities are quarantined; Wuhan, Ezhou, Hounggang, Chibi, Qianjiang, Zhijiang, Jingmen and Xiantao.

Follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority

All cities are located in Hubei Province in central China. A total of 20.5 million people are covered.

Should you be worried if you live in Västra Götaland?

- Not worried, but you should not take the position with a shrug. We shall follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority.