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This is required to be a search hunter


Every spring and summer, Evelin Kjellgren and her dad Sören have courses in dog tracking. It is a great way to get in touch with dog owners who may be suitable as a search hunter.

In the areas around Valdemarsvik it has not been difficult to find hunter hunters. One reason is the courses that Evelin and Sören Kjellgren hold.

Dog owners who want to use their dog to track with are applying for the course. Not all, but some of the participants prove to be suitable as hunters. Finding new search hunters is not the real reason why the course exists, but it does make Sören Kjellgren come in contact with many dog ​​owners.

In order to become a search hunter you have to pass certain tests and hold certain licenses and you have to be approved by the police. In the clip above you can hear what is needed.

Source: svt

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