A spokesman for the main armed group in Afghanistan has announced that a US military ship has crashed into a territory under its control, southwest of Kabul. In their statement, the Taliban have not detailed the reasons for the crash of the plane, but have implied that they could have shot it down. The message comes after hours of confusion, since initially the Afghan press had reported the fall of a commercial apparatus of the flag carrier, which denied it.

"A special aircraft of the American occupying forces was flying, on an Intelligence mission, through the Sado Jelo area of ​​the Deh Yak district of Ghazni province," says Taliban spokesman Zabibullah Muyahid, five hours after the first news of the event. "All the ship's crew and some US CIA agents died," he says. "The fuselage of the ship and the bodies of the dead are still in the area," they ditch.

An American army official has confirmed to the CBS network that an E-11 of the US Air Force has crashed in Afghanistan. He added that the causes of the incident are under investigation and refused to add details about the crew. On the other hand, the provincial spokesman of the Government, Arif Nuri, has said that the bodies of two pilots have been found and that the ship was destroyed . He did not mention other casualties.

In the first hours after learning of the fall of an airplane in Afghanistan, it was ruled out that it was a nationally owned civilian ship. In the eyes of military analysts, the various images of the fuselage, shared on social networks and not verified by this newspaper, pointed to a Bombarder E-11A device operated by the US Air Force.

It is a 'flying WiFi', a plane enabled to serve as a communications node, making compatible between the different transmission systems used by US forces. According to a report by The Aviationist , the E-11A has shelter at the Kandahar military base, a city from which a route can be traced, to or from Kabul, which passes through the area of ​​the plane damaged on Monday by the morning.

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