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She disappeared without a trace: in Mexico, looking for actress Natalya Andreichenko


In Mexico, the famous Soviet and Russian actress Natalya Andreichenko disappeared. Her PR director Jan Truntsev said that she has not been in contact since Saturday. That day Andreichenko, who periodically resides in her villa on the Mexican coast, was visiting her friend in Cancun. Around 15:00 she went to the side of the house, complaining of poor health. The road should have taken about an hour, but since then, the whereabouts of the actress is not known.

The disappearance of 63-year-old Natalia Andreichenko became known on Monday morning from an actress Instagram post published by her PR director Yan Truntsev.

“Natalia has not been in contact for more than a day. On Saturday, she was visiting Maret’s friend in Cancun, she left at 3 p.m., saying that she was feeling unwell and tired, she was put to sleep, ”Truntsev wrote.

“Her friend Maret contacted me yesterday, I wrote in a post everything that I know at the moment. Yesterday she wrote to me, I started to find out ... I have been working with Natalya since December, and I don’t have her assistant’s phone or son, I didn’t have anything, I started to find out all this through my colleagues. I couldn’t get through to my son in Switzerland, but they rarely talked to him, he was such a busy person, and Natalya talked to me every day, because we are preparing a new project, plus she is also launching a new spiritual project with the team, In general, we were in touch every day. She has not been in touch since Saturday at three in the afternoon, ”said RT Truntsev, who for Monday remained the only source of news about Andreichenko for Monday.

He asked everyone who has at least some information about the actress to contact him - the two phone numbers she uses are not available.

Prior to this, Truntsev said that before leaving her friend, she complained of poor health and fatigue, and that she was put to sleep. At the same time, the actress herself had to drive and drive to her villa, located less than an hour from the resort town of Cancun, where Maret lives.

According to the PR director, Andreichenko began to search the local hospitals, but so far there is no detailed information about the searches and which one is carrying out. He also categorically rejected the assumption of unnamed media that Natalya used alcohol and drugs.

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At the same time, there is still no information in the local media about incidents that the actress could have got into.

Information about the fate of Andreichenko may become clear in the coming hours - due to the eight-hour difference between Moscow and Cancun, the period of the greatest resonance in the Russian media and social networks occurred at a time when it was deep night in Mexico. It is obvious that with the onset of Monday morning in Cancun, the search for the actress directly in the area of ​​disappearance will intensify.

Natalia Andreichenko, who was best known for her lead role in the cult Soviet musical musical Mary Poppins, Goodbye, moved to Mexico more than 10 years ago, after a divorce from her second husband Maximilian Schell, with whom she had lived in the United States many years before. . In Mexico, she bought a villa on the resort coast of the Riviera Maya.

At the same time, Andreichenko regularly came to Russia, where from time to time she took part in film and television projects. The last time the media wrote about her visit to her homeland in November 2019, when she attended the premiere of the film “End of the Season” in Moscow.

Judging by the actress's Instagram, before her next visit to Mexico, she visited Switzerland, where her son lives from her first marriage with composer Maxim Dunaevsky.

Earlier, Andreichenko, as she herself repeatedly told, had a serious conflict with Dmitry. The actress accused the son, who took the name of her second husband, of allegedly withdrawing from her bank account, of which he is an employee, a large amount of money, which he spent at his discretion.

A few years ago Andreichenko even filed a complaint against him with the Swiss police, who opened a criminal case under the article “fraud”. The investigation established that Dmitry Shell was withdrawing money under the law and, in the end, the mother and son still made peace.

Left without savings, Andreichenko took up business in Mexico. Having long been fond of vegetarianism, raw food eating, meditative practices, she opened a spiritual center in her villa, where anyone could take a course specially devised by her, which included elements of yoga, meditation, diet and communication with the actress herself.

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Initially, the courses were popular, customers even specially flew to Andreichenko from other countries, but then demand for them fell and the actress suspended classes. Last summer, it became known that she put up her mansion for sale. Natalya expected to get at least 7 million rubles for the house, but, apparently, she had not yet found a buyer for it.

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