Deminers looking for bombs at the site of the future European Tesla factory, near Berlin (Germany). - Michael Sohn / AP / SIPA

Deminers had to neutralize seven bombs at a future Tesla site near Berlin, German police announced on Sunday. The demining operation went "without any problem", according to a spokesperson. The bombs were relatively small and dated from the Second World War. They had been dropped by American bombers.

Tesla Giga Berlin Update: Roads closed around build site for blasting of WWII bombs

- TeslaPostIt (@TeslaPost) January 26, 2020

Controversial factory project

Tesla bought 300 hectares of land in Gruenheide, east of Berlin in mid-January, for 40.9 million euros. The site will host its first European factory, which will operate from 2021 and will produce 500,000 vehicles per year at full capacity. Among other products will be Model Y SUVs and Model 3 sedans.

The project has been widely criticized, particularly because of its location in a forest. The deforestation operation could harm local wildlife and the supply of drinking water. Elon Musk argued that this was not a naturally wooded area, and that the plant would occupy only a "small part" of the space.


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