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When injured animals disappear into the forest after an accident, it is the hunters who hunt and kill the animal. The compensation they receive sometimes barely covers the cost of gasoline.

- It is SEK 400 for a deer or a deer and that is minus tax and no mileage allowance. You can figure out for yourself that there will not be many kronor left, says Sören Kjellgren from Ringarum, who is a hunting hunter.

More and more wild accidents

The number of wildlife accidents in Östergötland has increased by 51 percent from 2010 to 2019, according to statistics from the National Wildlife Accidents Council. In Gotland, the corresponding figure is 270 percent. However, it should be borne in mind that the number of wildlife accidents in actual numbers is considerably smaller on Gotland, so a small change in the number will give a large percentage effect.

For around 40 years Sören Kjellgren has been hunting. Photo: SVT

- The accidents have increased from year to year, says Sören Kjellgren. Dove deer have increased and so are the wild boar.

Remuneration unchanged since 2012

Most hunters say they chose to become this in order to shorten the suffering of injured animals. Few people think that increased remuneration would make it easier to find new hunters, but remuneration is still an issue under discussion. The levels have not changed since an update in 2012, despite the increase in wildlife accidents.

Proposal for new levels under investigation

It is the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency that decides on compensation levels and the Swedish Transport Administration is the authority that pays the compensation. Right now, work is underway to review the levels. The discussions concern, among other things, whether the compensation should in any way be indexed. Another idea being discussed is that it should be the same compensation for several species. That in itself can mean a de facto increase in the compensation for many hunters. So far, the investigation is ongoing and no referral has been sent out.

Source: svt

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