• Regional, large turnout in Emilia Romagna at 58.8%. In Calabria at 35.5%
  • Borgonzoni: we will continue to work to give answers
  • Salvini: the League in the government of Calabria
  • Regional, Zingaretti: thanks to the sardines, democratic shock
  • Leading Bonaccini in Emilia with 50.9%. Santelli in Calabria with 52.9%
  • Bonaccini confirmed, Salvini's defeat


27 January 2020 The results of the vote, still not definitive: but very few sections are missing, at least in the case of Emilia-Romagna, confirmed Bonaccini in Emilia-Romagna, while the government of the Calabria region moves to the center-right, where it was a victory coalition led by Jole Santelli (Forza Italy). Santelli is the first female governor of a southern region.

In Emilia-Romagna, the outgoing governor is at 51.4 percent while the candidate of the Borgonzoni League is at 43.66; Simone Benini (5 Star Movement) is 3.46%. The Democratic Party is confirmed as the first party, with 34.68 percent; the League is second with 31.95 percent. The 5 stars are stuck at 4.7 percent: some pentastellar voters voted separately (the party list, but Bonaccini president). In any case, the result of the Movement, in one of the historically most important regions for the 5 Stars, is dramatic.

Despite his great personal commitment, Salvini, the League and the candidate of the Center Right, Lucia Bergonzoni, therefore do not gain the confidence of the voters. They also forgive Bibbiano, and it was she who came to the Senate wearing a T-shirt with the words "let's talk about Bibbiano".

Bonaccini: arrogance never pays
Bonaccini arrives to the applause: "This free and great land has decreed the first, real defeat of Matteo Salvini. Thanks to all those who have given us a hand in this extraordinary election campaign. We have dealt with it in our own way, with correctness, without falling down. A lot of people, women and men, put their faces on it, because we all knew it would be a decisive game, not just for us ".

Borgonzoni: Bonaccini has not lost an opportunity to attack
"I thank all the people who went to vote. Participation is always a success. For the first time in history, a regional election in Emilia-Romagna was contestable. It was an election campaign in the area, in contact with people. We talked about issues and contents, we denounced what is wrong and we will not stop fighting to give answers to citizens. Sorry that Bonaccini has not lost an opportunity, even tonight, to continue attacking personally and trying to discredit me. politics is and always will be a constructive action. And we will continue to work and work to give answers to citizens ". Lucia Borgonzoni declares it in a note.

Zingaretti: thank you sardines
"The data that are emerging fortunately confirm a great vitality of the electorate who participated en masse. An immense thanks to the movement of the sardines," said Nicola Zingaretti, speaking outside the Nazarene. "Salvini lost the election today," he added

Salvini: Do I lose? Happy anyway
"Having an open game in Emilia Romagna is an emotion for me, after seventy years there was a game for the first time," said the leader of the League at the press conference in Bologna. "I start from the only certain fact, which fills me with pride, which is that of Calabria: for the first time in a region of the South we are here and we are decisive. I am very happy to have been to Calabria several times, I will go back to keep the commitments made ".

And the Sardines, immediately after the closing of the polls, have published a post on Fb giving an appointment at their next congress, scheduled for mid-March: "See you in Scampia".

Meanwhile, the 5-star Movement is silent and for now neither parliamentarians nor government officials comment on the defeat of the regional ones in Emilia Romagna and Calabria. For official declarations, explained pentastellate sources, it is expected when the consolidated data will be obtained. Regent Vito Crimi should comment on the vote in the morning.