Former security adviser John Bolton knew that US President Donald Trump wanted to freeze $ 400 million (about $ 362 million) in military support for Ukraine until Ukraine wanted to cooperate in a criminal investigation into Trumps rivals. The New York Times writes this on Monday based on unpublished documents written by Bolton himself.

Trump reportedly told Bolton in August about his plan to hold the money. Bolton's lawyer confirms the contents of the manuscript. It is a book that the former security adviser started after he was fired in September.

By retaining military support, Trump wanted to force a criminal investigation into former vice-president Joe Biden and his son Hunter, Bolton would write. The US president is also said to have used an invitation for his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky as a means of pressure.

Chuck Schumer, the chairman of the Democratic minority in the Senate, called for Bolton to testify in the trial after the publication of the New York Times .

Bolton said early January that he would be willing to testify against Trump if the Senate sued him. Earlier, he refused to testify before the House of Representatives in the impeachment investigation. Why he wanted to testify for the senate, he didn't want to say. The Senate controlled by the Republicans does not want to hear a single witness so far.

Bolton was fired from the White House in September. He was Trumps third safety advisor. The president said about the resignation that his government often disagreed with Bolton's suggestions. After the dismissal, Bolton said he would write a book about his working period under Trump.

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Tuesday, a removal lawsuit against Trump began

Tuesday, the removal lawsuit against Donald Trump began in the United States. He is accused of abuse of power because of his alleged attempt to put pressure on Ukraine.

His lawyers state that Trump stayed within his legal powers and did nothing wrong. They dismiss the deposition process as an "illegal" and politically motivated Democratic attempt to undo the 2016 election results.

The US House of Representatives also accuses Trump of obstructing Congress because the White House refused any form of cooperation with the settlement investigation. Documents were withheld and potential witnesses were urged not to appear before the House.

On Monday, Trump's lawyers will continue to present the defense. Every lawyer has 24 hours.