New York (dpa) - A new meme is pulling through the large social networks on the Internet - and the trend was started by a 74-year-old: As “#DollyPartonChallenge”, a posting is currently making the round, in which the participants deal with four different people Display photos yourself that all fit stereotypically into one of four different networks.

Parton had posted the collage of himself on Wednesday with the comment: "Find a woman who can do everything."

A picture of the business network LinkedIn shows the famous country singer in a strict office costume with a pen in her updo, one with the signature "Facebook" in a Christmas sweater with "Dolly Parton Christmas" on it. Picture number three is a hip black and white shot from early career days with guitar, intended for Instagram. Finally, the last photo is to represent an exemplary photo of the dating platform Tinder, sovereignly illustrated by Parton as a playboy bunny with pompoms and rabbit ears.

Not only did many of their 2.8 million followers on Instagram emulate their own models, but also some celebrities. On Saturday, more than 200,000 posts had the hashtag. "Wherever Dolly Parton goes, I follow," wrote Arnold Schwarzenegger on Twitter, including photos from political and bodybuilding times in skin-tight white panties.

Will Smith showed himself playful with four gifs in green pajamas with a flashing string of lights in front of a Christmas tree in the Facebook version and with a trained naked torso in the Tinder edition - and the moderator Oprah Winfrey laughs in her photo for the photo intended for the flirt portal Honeydew melons in front of the breasts.

Parton is in her decade-long career in the United States, thanks to a Netflix series and a sensational podcast (“Dollys America”), a great star in business and across all walks of life.


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