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Javier Maroto: "Pedro Sánchez has surrendered to Podemos, so he despises Juan Guaidó"


Pedro Sánchez is going to meet with Quim Torra, plans to reduce the penalties for sedition crimes, has appointed a minister general prosecutor, has allowed to open embassy

  • Opposition.Alarm in the PP for the "lack of strategy" of Pablo Casado with the parental pin
  • Venezuela.PP and Citizens ask for a commission of inquiry in Congress on the meeting of Ábalos with Delcy Rodríguez
Pedro Sánchez is going to meet with Quim Torra, plans to reduce the penalties for crimes of sedition, has appointed a minister general prosecutor, has allowed to open Catalan embassies abroad ... Dejudicialize this? It is clear that no. It is just the opposite: this is to do Justice and the laws to dictate what Oriol Junqueras wants. Sanchez changes the law to mold it to the offender, and that is very dangerous. Today most of the socialists are ashamed of Sánchez, who is willing to amnesty for the independence prisoners. With a couple. Does the PP believe that "Spain breaks" for real? Neither Spain is going to break tomorrow nor the Government is going to fall tomorrow. We have to reflect: for the first time in two years we are not subject to elections all the time and we cannot be at that level of pressure. But, having said that, does anyone know any ERC leader who can get up from the bilateral table without having raised independence? And do you know any PSOE leader who will allow independence? Sanchez is able to put the skin of lamb to the wolf. And the wolf is independence. Sanchez's commitment is that what is agreed at the table there will be put to the vote, as one of two: either cheats ERC or cheats the PSOE. What do you think of the parental pin? Do schools in Spain indoctrinate about LGBTI diversity, gender identity or feminism? The data helps to forge opinions. It turns out that in the most affected communities there are no complaints from parents, even the most ultra-Catholic. And if there is no complaint about a problem, maybe that problem does not exist. If the problem does not exist, why did Pablo Casado bite the hook of the parental pin that he himself asked not to bite? He said things like "get the hands of our family" or that Spanish children can end up betraying, like Cubans. I believe that Casado represents the indignant parents with the Minister of Education's statement saying that the children are not of the parents. Casado's response is angry, like that of many parents who have had to endure these videos. The day after Casado set the position of the PP, two related barons, Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Fernando López Miras, said there is no problem of indoctrination in the classrooms. Is there a lack of Casado leadership in this matter? No, the PP has to rely on moderation within the center, but there are times when the opposition leader is more leader when he answers as a normal citizen would. Casado spoke as a father, rather than as president of the PP. Is there no self-criticism in Genoa about the parental pin? Our position is that all educational measures have to respect the legislation. National legislation, the Lomce that Rajoy approved, recognizes attention to "diversity." So why don't the PP fight against Vox? If Vox has a problem with new generations to understand that diversity is not an option, but a fact, and that children should be educated in respect to sexual orientation , the problem is Vox. It is an absolutely overcome debate. One is neither better nor worse based on sexual orientation. Does the appointment of Dolores Delgado as attorney general mark a before and after in Spain? For the independence of the Prosecutor's Office, clearly, and it is further evidence of Sánchez's sectarianism, which in a week has attacked the Judiciary and the Legislative, changing the Council of Ministers on Tuesdays and leaving the Senate for three hours to prepare control to the Government. Should the PP comply with the current law to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and change the rule later? Should the Government and the opposition agree? My answer is yes. For example, a pension reform or regional financing. And the CGPJ? Yes, but you have to have confidence in the other to do so, and Sanchez has broken that trust with the appointment of Delgado as attorney general. But despite that, we continue to reach out in many areas of Justice.In Navarra, the PSOE has agreed with Bildu on the 2020 Budget, and in return Chivite has asked to bring the ETA prisoners closer. How do you see it? That's crossing a red line, because Otegi has never said that crimes must be clarified and all attacks condemned. And the approach of the prisoners is conditioned to two facts: that the prisoner asks for forgiveness and that favors the clarification of the crime. Is Spain Suma the only way to unseat Sanchez? Exactly. Can the PP complete the integration with Cs in this legislature? Every time the center-right voters vote divided, Sanchez stays. The one who earns the most with Vox is Sánchez. This is a true fact. Vox is the guarantee that you continue in Moncloa. Who else applauds the existence of Vox is Sánchez, because if there was no Vox, Casado would be appointing ministers. If there is something that unites us with all the right-wing voters, we want to rid Spain of Sanchez. Voting separately we do the opposite. Is it easier to confluence with Arrimadas than with Rivera? You have to wait for the Cs congress and then try to do pedagogy. Everything on Sanchez's right must build a common project. And now Sanchez's right is halfway through the PSOE.Sanchez does not meet with Juan Guaidó, president in charge of Venezuela, and Minister Ábalosse sees the Vice President Chavista. Do you see a relationship between both things? We can be behind. There is a relationship between Podemos and Sánchez's decision not to see Juan Guaidó and to meet with Delcy Rodríguez. Sanchez has surrendered to the first exchange before Podemos, and that is why he despises Guaidó. What do you think of the plot of Raúl Morodo, former Zapatero ambassador in Venezuela, and of the Government's passivity in this regard? This Government is made up of people from Podemos who have had an active presence in Venezuela. It is not necessary to look only at Zapatero, but to make an analysis together. The case of the supervised minors who have been prostituted in Mallorca has been denouncing three years, but nothing has been done since the Regional Administration. What will the PP do? It's a very thorny issue, we need all the information. But if it were the other way around and the Balearic Government was chaired by someone from the PP, that person would already be inside the meat grinder of the PSOE.

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