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In brief:

  • Almost two thousand infections now
  • 56 people died from the effects of the virus
  • WHO speaks of "state of emergency for China"
  • Cases also known in Europe since Friday

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We receive a lot of questions from concerned Dutch people who are going on holiday soon and are wondering whether they should cancel their airline tickets or take precautions.

However, the average Dutch holiday maker does not have to worry at all. "There is an outbreak in China, but no outbreak in the rest of the world," said a spokesperson for the RIVM. "In other countries there is only talk of 'import cases': suppose an infected person flies from the Wuhan region to Canada, for example, that does not mean that the virus is also circulating in Canada immediately." Infected patients are kept in quarantine to prevent this, he emphasizes.

In short: So you can go on holiday perfectly. Only a trip to the Chinese province of Hubei is discouraged.

12 minutes ago

The US health authorities are reporting on Sunday that a fourth coronavirus-infected person has been found in Los Angeles. The person is said to have recently been to Wuhan. The Chinese government also announced on Sunday that they would extend the New Year's holiday from January 30 to February 2 in order to keep a better grip on the virus. The schools also remain closed for longer, how long exactly the Chinese Ministry of Education will announce later.

an hour ago

An analysis by NU.nl shows that Dutch people went on a massive search on the internet on Friday evening for information about the corona virus and that the first infections were found in France.

4 hours ago

Hong Kong is taking new measures against the corona virus. The government led by Carrie Lam has announced that it will ban all residents of the Chinese province of Hubei from Monday, which is considered the epicenter of the outbreak with the city of Wuhan. Even people who have been in the area for the past two weeks are not allowed to enter Hong Kong for the time being, the government said.

The ban applies until further notice. It is not clear how Hong Kong wants to control travelers.

5 hours ago

We have received many different questions about the corona virus in recent hours. We have submitted these to RIVM. Read them in this article.

5 hours ago

In Hong Kong there was a fire in a building that the authorities wanted to use to take in patients with the corona virus. A person has been arrested, reports Reuters news agency. Six people are treated with the virus in the country.

6 hours ago

Regarding the treatment of the corona virus within China: we have already talked to two China experts about this.

8 hours ago

In Japan, a fourth person has been diagnosed with the corona virus, reports Reuters on Sunday. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he is talking to Chinese authorities to get Japanese who want to leave China back on a special charter flight.

9 hours ago

A NU.nl reader mailed us the following question: "Is it safe to fly? We are going from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires in early February, there is a large Chinatown."

The answer is reassuring: the chance of being infected as a Dutch person is still incredibly small, certainly in this situation. Of course there are 'already' nearly two thousand reports of infections worldwide (out of a world population of 7.5 billion). However, the vast majority of them are in Hubei province, where the virus probably originated. The Chinese authorities are doing everything they can to prevent the virus from spreading further, including by keeping all the sick in quarantine and completely closing off at least 15 cities. Without air traffic, road traffic and public transport, residents (whether or not infected) will be very difficult to leave the city, let alone leave the country.

The virus has now also been detected in a number of other countries, but it is often only a handful of cases. In those countries too, authorities are on top of it and they are doing everything they can to keep patients in quarantine. In addition, zero infections were found in the Netherlands and in Argentina and there were no direct flights from Wuhan (the city where the virus originated) to Amsterdam. This makes the chance that the virus reaches Schiphol even smaller.

Despite all the closed cities, quarantines and other measures, it can of course happen that someone with the corona virus gets on the plane. That can never be 100% excluded. But if that happens, then it's good to realize that about 8 million people get on the plane every day. The chance that that person will come across you or your family and ignite you is therefore very small. The chance that you win the lottery is greater. You do not have to take special precautions.

Finally, with the vast majority of infections, the corona virus is only a kind of flu. Annoying, but you usually do fine again. Only for the elderly, the sick and children can the virus lead to greater problems.

9 hours ago

The authorities in the Chinese province of Hubei, of which the coronavirus-affected Wuhan is the capital, have stopped all inter-city and inter-provincial bus traffic, reports the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV on Sunday.

10 hours ago

US health authorities report Sunday that a third person has been diagnosed with coronavirus in the country, AP said . The virus outbreak would also have reached the United Arab Emirates. A tipster reports to NU.nl that the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi warns staff on Sunday about a patient who has contracted the virus. However, the authorities have not confirmed this.

12 hours ago

The Chinese minister at the head of the National Health Council, Ma Xiaowei, said on Sunday that the ability of new corona virus to spread seems to be increasing. "We do not yet have clarity about the risks of the virus mutating further," said Ma. However, it seems that the danger that the virus poses to people from different age groups is shifting.

The incubation time of the virus, doped 2019-nCoV, is 1 to 14 days. In that period, in which the patient does not yet show any signs of illness, he can already infect other people. In this, 2019-nCoV differs from the Sars virus.

According to Ma, there is also much unclear about the origin of the new corona virus. "We can determine that it is possible that the pathogen comes from a wild animal," he said.

16 hours ago

To prevent the virus from spreading further, the Disneyland and Ocean Park theme parks in Hong Kong will be closing for the time being. Authorities in Shanghai had previously announced that they would close their own Disneyland for the time being.

19 hours ago

The death toll in China has risen to 56, Chinese state media report Sunday. 1,975 people have since been infected. In the city of Shanghai, someone died for the first time on Saturday.

20 hours ago

Just after midnight (Dutch time), Canada reports its first suspected coronavirus infection. A resident of the city of Toronto recently returned from Wuhan. "The patient is stable and is in the hospital," said local health authorities.

yesterday at 11:18 PM

It is now almost 6.30 in China. In the last few days, updates were given between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. about the new number of infections and fatalities. We therefore expect that we can bring more news about this next night, so that you can read it with us in the morning.

yesterday at 9:10 PM

The spread of the virus on January 25. (Infographic: Reuters)

yesterday at 8:13 PM

We get a lot of questions from you that are related to the virus. The day before yesterday we had a question hour with Jaap van Dissel, infectious disease expert at RIVM. is transmitted, how contagious it is, why it takes a long time for a vaccine, what symptoms the virus causes and how likely it is that the virus will spread in the Netherlands. In this article you can read all the answers.

yesterday at 6:45 PM

For the early risers: tomorrow morning at 8 am Dutch time (3 pm local time) the Chinese authorities are holding a press conference. We will, of course, report on this.

yesterday at 4:35 PM

The American newspaper The New York Times reports that China will suspend all group travel and the sale of overseas flight and hotel packages from Monday. More measures are also being taken in the country: for example, Beijing would cut down a large proportion of public transport in the region, in order to reduce the continuous flow of traffic to the city.

yesterday at 3:06 PM

Chinese President Xi Jinping said during a speech on Saturday afternoon that the spread of the virus is accelerating. The country is facing a "serious situation," according to Xi.

yesterday at 2:56 PM

In consultation with NU.nl, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that there are no plans to actively get Dutch people out of Wuhan.

yesterday at 2:33 PM

In addition to the United States, France is also planning to retrieve citizens from the closed off Wuhan - the epicenter of the virus. According to South China Morning Post , France wants to use buses that drive the French to a safe province.

yesterday at 2:25 PM

This is how it works when you enter the province where the corona virus has broken out.

Just passed a screening point in Henan close to the border with Hubei and had my temperature checked. #coronavirus #China

Avatar Author Stephen McDonell Moment of Places 7:41 - 25 January 2020

yesterday at 2:09 PM

Fifteen Chinese cities have since been locked, CNN reports. In total, more than 57 million people live in these cities. All cities are in Hubei Province, of which Wuhan - the city where the virus broke out - is the capital.

yesterday at 1:37 pm

In a meeting with NOS , Minister Bruins of Medical Care said that the Netherlands was alert to the development of the virus. "We have also instructed RIVM to see how the virus develops. We look at day by day what additional measures are needed."

yesterday at 1:20 PM

Also read: The symptoms and the risks: we know this about the new coronavirus

yesterday at 1:19 PM

The United States wants to evacuate citizens and diplomats from the Chinese city of Wuhan, reports The Wall Street Journal Saturday. On Sunday, a flight must depart from the US to pick up 230 people.

yesterday at 1:10 PM

Various media wrote on Saturday afternoon that the coronavirus would also have reached Belgium. This is a false alarm, reports the Belgian Minister of Health on Twitter.

There have been concerns today about possible #coronavirus infection in our country. Normal seasonal flu has been diagnosed in the person who was brought into St. Peter's Hospital last night. https://t.co/ye1M7rDzFb @be_ Gezondheid

Avatar AuthorMaggie De BlockMoment of places12: 50 - January 25, 2020

yesterday at 1:07 PM

Countries with infections

  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • United States
  • France
  • China
  • Saudi Arabia (authorities deny)
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Australia

yesterday at 1:04 PM

Wuhan, the Chinese city where the corona virus has broken out, has begun, according to Chinese state media, to build a second emergency hospital to treat victims of the virus. The hospital must have 1300 beds and is expected to be ready within two weeks.

yesterday at 12:59 PM

Due to the many developments, we hereby open a slow blog about the corona virus. Do you have unanswered questions? Ask them via NUjij or redactie@nu.nl.

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