- We were surprised, we also want to contribute properly with money for welfare, but for us it is important that there is order and clarity in the budget process and also that you do not raise the tax on jobs and business. Therefore, it is very surprising that the Moderates put up with the Left Party's proposal on that point, says Anders W Jonsson (C), temporary party leader for the Center Party, in SVT's Agenda.

"Traditional bourgeois politics"

Above all, it is precisely the agreement between the Moderates and the Left Party that the financing will be made with a deductible entry deduction, ie reduced tax for employers who employ young and new arrivals, which the Center Party considers critical. The entry deduction was one of the Center Party's most important points in the January agreement.

- Traditional bourgeois politics during all the years of the alliance, we succeeded in both reducing the tax on jobs and entrepreneurship, while at the same time adding a lot of money to welfare. After all, the left has always said that the only way to raise money is through tax increases.

"Never been to it"

Also in the studio is the Moderates' economic-political spokesperson, Elisabeth Svantesson (M).

- We are doing this because we have never been for this input tax deduction, which is a subsidized, rather inefficient form of employment. We have been against this all the time, so when we now say that we are pushing for more resources for welfare then it is financed by the ways in which we have financed our budget, ”she says.

- This is affecting business people and they are not least affecting the people who are far away from the labor market. If you want to get more money for welfare then it is about doing it other than raising the tax on jobs and entrepreneurship, contrasts Anders W Jonsson (C).

Points out that this is a matter of fact

Elisabeth Svantesson (M) does not agree that it is a civil deduction.

"It is an ineffective employment subsidy that we actually did as we did together during the alliance years and for which we received a lot of criticism," she says.

Have you accepted a leftist rhetoric?

- No, this is a proposal that we did not include in our budget because we think it is a bad proposal. This is a matter of fact, is there anything we know is that municipalities and regions are on their knees, we know that resources are needed in welfare, she says.

A whole debate in Agenda on SVT Play.