SVT News Örebro has gone through all the reported complaints regarding mobile use and which have been received by county traffic in 2019.

Travelers describe how drivers talk on a mobile phone while driving, in many cases without hands-free. They also send text messages or watch social media.

In many cases, passengers state that the buses have driven in vicious or missed stops. A complaint comes from a motorist who claims he was close to colliding with a bus for the driver talking on the phone.

- Both we and the transport companies agree that we must remove this behavior, says Fredrik Eliasson.

Starts investigation

The drivers at the bus company Nobina have received the most registrations, but according to Fredrik Eliasson, this is because the company was procured by county traffic during most of last year. Bus drivers at other companies have also been notified for mobile use.

When Nobina becomes aware of a complaint, they start an investigation where they also look at any evidence against the driver, such as photos and video recordings.

According to Länstrafiken Örebro, about half of the reports apply to city buses and the rest to rural transport. Photo: Philip Naskret / SVT

According to David Erixon, Nobina's communications manager, the company's rules go farther than the law and their bus drivers must not even talk in hands-free in connection with driving, but must use the bus's communication radio.

- There is zero tolerance against mobile browsing and mobile use in public transport, he says.

Have been terminated

Erixon states that two bus drivers in Örebro county have been dismissed since mid-2018 for using a mobile phone. According to him, there are also cases elsewhere in the country where the company has chosen to report police drivers.

The county traffic Örebro does not report police. Last year, they also did not require the white of the bus companies for drivers to use a mobile phone while driving, as for example Jönköping County and Sörmlandstrafiken did.

"It is a matter for the transport companies to handle this," says Fredrik Eliasson, Örebro County.

He continues:

- 75 cases observed are too many, but it is still a very small proportion of the bus trips that are performed. I feel confident that most bus drivers think this is a very inappropriate behavior.