Jim Raleer, a popular rice caster, dies on January 24 at 12:19

Jim Raleer, who has been a newscaster in the United States for more than 30 years and gained popularity for his impartial and unbiased reporting, died on the 23rd. He was 85.

Jim Layler was born in Kansas in the Midwest in the United States in May 1934. After graduating from university, she joined a public broadcaster PBS after working as a newspaper reporter and editor, including the news program Jim Laylor News Hour. And has been a caster for over 30 years.

He gained popularity for his light-hearted narrative, in-depth interviews, and impartial and unbiased reporting, and was awarded the Emmy Award for Outstanding TV Shows. Moderated the debate more than 10 times.

He also worked as a writer, and his novel featuring a US soldier who was a prisoner of the former Japanese army during World War II in 2000 was the best-selling novel in the United States.

According to PBS, Rayer died at home on the 23rd.