One of the two patients diagnosed with the new corona virus in France may have been in the Netherlands. The French health organization SOS Médecins Bordeaux reports this on Facebook.

According to the health organization, the man told the French doctors that he came from the Netherlands, but also in China and specifically the province of Wuhan. He said that he himself is of Chinese origin.

Nothing is known about this case at the Dutch Ministry of Health. They will investigate the matter.

On Friday evening, the first two European corona virus infections were detected in France, one near Paris and one in Bordeaux. The minister does not exclude that more cases of illness will be reported.

In China, the virus has now killed at least 26 people. The number of confirmed infections has now risen to more than eight hundred.

So far, we know that the disease can be transmitted from person to person, but for the time being it does not seem very contagious. The majority of fatalities were elderly and had underlying health problems.

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