The French investigator called the Russian lawyer and said that he would interrogate him in the near future, Musatov said.

According to lawyer Zoe Konstantopoulou, the Greek prison authorities took Vinnik from the hospital and took him away in an unknown direction.

“They took Alexander from the hospital, saying with threats to the doctors that they were“ ordered to deliver him, nothing is known about his fate, the Minister (Justice Costas. - RT ) Ciaras does not answer (calls. - RT ), ”the lawyer said.

According to her, "no contact with him was possible from last night."

“I ask for official information about where Alexander is currently. As a lawyer, I don’t know where he is, and I ask that I be informed and given the opportunity to contact him immediately, ”Konstantopulu added.

Earlier, the highest administrative court in Greece - the Council of State - dismissed the complaint of Vinnik's lawyers about the decision to extradite him to France and the United States.