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In Marseille, Ségolène Royal "not in the countryside ..." but almost


Officially, Ségolène Royal was in Marseille to support Samia Ghali, candidate for municipal elections. The former pole ambassador took the opportunity to launch her own campaign for the president.

Many journalists were present in Marseille, on January 23, 2020, for a day of campaigning by Ségolène Royal alongside Samia Ghali. - C. Simon / AFP

  • Ségolène Royal was in Marseille on Thursday to support the various left candidate Samia Ghali and to affix an ecological “label” to her project.
  • The former ambassador of the poles also spoke of her own ambitions for the presidential election of 2022.
  • She believes that she can embody a "third way" between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

This is the charm of election campaigns: you sometimes have to tear yourself away from the soft armchairs of a chic restaurant to breathe the foul smells of a giant discharge. "Ségolène, I wanted you to see what you have done as Minister of the Environment," says Samia Ghali, outside the entrance to the "non-hazardous waste storage facility" in Septèmes-les-Vallons, which will close in 2022. "I am very happy to be here, to see the continuity of a decision that I signed", appreciates Ségolène Royal, who admits, with her irremovable smile but pinched nose: "The campaigns are always pleasant! "

At the discharge of Septèmes-les-Vallons which @RoyalSegolene decided to close at my request when she was Minister of the Environment. It has shown, through its positions in favor of the 50,000 inhabitants of the territory, that political action makes sense #MarseilleAvantTout

- Samia GHALI (@SamiaGhali) January 23, 2020

Who was on an election campaign this Thursday in Marseille? Officially, Samia Ghali, PS senator for the northern districts and various left candidate in the municipal elections in Marseille. Ségolène Royal was there to support her and affix an ecological “label” (sic) to her project. But the former pole ambassador also plays her personal card. After Toulouse, she went on to Marseille for a new trip to the field, "to take the temperature, take the pulse of what the French want", in the words of Samia Ghali.

"I'm not in the countryside"

"I am not in an electoral campaign, this visit was fixed before I launched my movement" Desire of France, future of the planet "", assures Ségolène Royal. However, she unambiguously reveals her ambition for the presidential election of 2022:

I note that I already have 2,000 people who support me on my site ... It seems to me that compared to the brutality of the policy, the anguish of the French faced with the dismantling of social protections, we must prepare to build a third way between this face-to-face that we are presented as essential (between Le Pen and Macron). If I am in the best position to embody it, I will be ready! "

Ségolène Royal says she was "shocked" by the controversy surrounding her absences from meetings of the Arctic Council: "It is the first time in my political life that it has been suggested that I am not rigorous in my work or with public money. "A" shock "that makes her want to go back to fighting against Emmanuel Macron, which she did not spare, this Thursday, facing the many microphones and cameras came to follow her in Marseille.

"One step forward ... two steps back"

- Jean Saint-Marc (@JeanSaintMarc) January 23, 2020

"We can make the reforms in appeasement, says the former socialist minister, who has not resumed his card to the PS this year. The French social system is a treasure that must be protected! And we have a government that is insecure, that imposes transfers without explaining their meaning, by always making the means and the small pay. »Are they in favor of a possible Ségolène Royal campaign? In Marseille, she had to settle for a few handshakes, two-three encouragement or distant selfies. 2022 is still a long way off.


Ségolène Royal creates a political association for "a third way" between Macron and Le Pen


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