Christine Lagarde (AP Photo / Francisco Seco)

  • ECB, Lagarde: interest rates unchanged, strategy review since January
  • ECB: Eurozone continues to grow, but with risks, such as Brexit
  • Lagarde: "Persistent uncertainties, but ECB will continue to support the economy"
  • ECB, Lagarde: "If growth does not improve, we have tools and we will use them"


January 23, 2020 ECB rates will remain "at current levels, or lower, as long as the inflation outlook converges robustly close to 2%" and the Qe, resumed in early November, "will continue as long as necessary". ECB president Christine Lagarde said this during a press conference after the Governing Council.

"Growth in the eurozone continues but at a moderate pace" said the president, explaining that "the weakness of the manufacturing sector weighs".

"Growth in the eurozone will continue to be supported by favorable financial conditions" and an "accommodative" monetary policy.

"Geopolitical tensions, uncertainty and protectionism pose risks to growth."

"The most indebted countries" of the eurozone "must pursue prudent fiscal policies".