Brazil is participating in a major pavilion at the "Expo 2020 Dubai" exhibition, as it brings the "Amazon" basin to the Dubai desert, under the title: "Together for diversity".

The Brazilian Pavilion, located within the sustainability area of ​​the upcoming exhibition, focuses on discovering the country's diversity from plants and animals to arts and culture, given that the second longest river in the world (the Amazon) passes through Brazil, it is not surprising that the Brazilian Pavilion focuses on water as the most prominent Its features, by recreating the Amazon basin, which has a water feature that visitors can walk in or around, while watching the scenes and hearing voices in the riverside regions of Brazil.

Visitors to the pavilion will discover more about the country's rich biodiversity and its potential for sustainable production.

Promising market

In addition, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated that the Latin American markets in general, and Brazil in particular, are promising and full of investment opportunities, which strengthened the Chamber's steps towards organizing the Global Business Forum for Latin American Countries for several years, which was recently held in Panama City in Panama.

The Chamber drew to the opening of a representative office in Brazil, to enhance trade with Brazil and help Emirati companies discover the Brazilian market and investment opportunities in Latin America, stressing that it is working to enhance the presence of Dubai companies and their presence in those markets, and attract more innovative companies from them to the Emirate of Dubai.

Trade between the UAE and Brazil

According to data from the Dubai Chamber, Emirates Today obtained a copy. The volume of trade exchange between the UAE and Brazil reached two billion dollars (about 7.34 billion dirhams) in the first eight months of last year.

The value of the UAE's non-oil exports to Brazil reached about $ 100 million (about 367 million dirhams) during 2018, while its imports from Brazil reached about $ 2.9 billion (about 10.6 billion dirhams).

Brazil imports from the UAE electrical equipment, chemicals, gemstones, pearls, plastics and its products, while its exports to the UAE focus on food products, live animals and raw minerals.


Brazil is an ancient tourist country, with total tourism spending in the country about 109 billion dollars annually, with 88% of tourism in Brazil focused on the entertainment side, while the value of investments in the sector reaches about 20.3 billion dollars.

Investing in Brazilian assets is an opportunity for foreign investors.

Strengthening relationships

It is noteworthy that there are several reasons that strengthened commercial relations and facilitated the investment movement between the UAE and Brazil, most notably the opening of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce its first offices in the Middle East region in the Emirate of Dubai, in addition to the opening of the "Dubai Chamber" its representative office in Sao Paulo, in addition to exempting Brazil UAE citizens who hold regular passports from obtaining a pre-visa, as they can travel to Brazil and stay for a maximum period of 90 days within 12 months, and Emirates Airlines operates organized flights from Dubai to Brazil.

Brazilian economy

Brazil currently has a population of about 210 million, who speak Portuguese, while gross domestic product amounts to $ 2.13 trillion.

The trade sector represents about 16% of the Brazilian economy, followed by industry with 12%, then transport and communications with 8%, construction and building at 6%, then agriculture with 5%.

The Brazilian economy is expected to grow by more than 2% until 2023.

Brazil ranks 109 in the World Bank's start-up index, while the country's mineral and agricultural wealth boosts its ability to drive economic growth in the long run.

Bilateral relations

Bilateral relations between the UAE and Brazil are gaining momentum four decades ago, when the two geographically distant countries started their official relationship in 1974, as the UAE succeeded in diversifying and strengthening its relationship with Brazil at the political, economic and social level, which resulted in building strategic partnerships in the field of investment.

The UAE has become Brazil's second largest trading partner in the Middle East.

The horizon of cooperation between the two countries became clear, with the opening of the UAE consulate in the city of São Paulo in 2003, and the launch of the work of Dubai Ports World in Brazil, which has one of the largest economies around the world.

Brazil imports electrical equipment, chemicals, gemstones and pearls from the UAE.