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Digital tax France postpones tax collection U.S. postpones retaliation for the time being


The United States has strongly opposed France's digital levy on major IT companies, and the two countries have held ministerial consultations.

Digital taxation France postpones collection delay U.S. postpones retaliation for the time being Jan. 23 7:19

With the US strongly opposing France to impose digital taxes on large IT companies, the two countries have held ministerial consultations, instead of delaying tax collection until the end of France. The United States has agreed to forego the retaliation tariff for the time being.

In response to France's introduction of digital taxation, the Trump administration has argued that the Trump administration has unfairly targeted large IT companies in the country, and in retaliation measures added $ 2.4 billion in tariffs on champagne and handbags imported from France. I am considering.

On this issue, the French Minister of Economics Lemer and the US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin met on August 22 at the Davos Conference in Eastern Switzerland.

After the talks, Minister of Economic Affairs Lemaire held a press conference, explaining that instead of France delaying tax collection until the very end, the United States had agreed for the time being to retaliate against tariffs.

In addition, the Minister of Economic Affairs Le Mer has confirmed that he will work together with OECD (Economic Cooperation and Development Organization) to establish international rules for digital taxation.

However, Lemaire said, "In any case, major IT companies doing business in France will be taxed," stressing that digital taxation will not be withdrawn.

Prior to the ministerial talks, it was confirmed that this issue would be an issue in the telephone talks between President Trump and President Macron and that conflicts would be avoided.

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