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Matteo Salvini, in Rome on August 28, 2019. REUTERS / Ciro de Luca

A Senate committee has ruled in favor of a lawsuit against former interior minister Matteo Salvini for “kidnapping people” on a coast guard ship in the summer of 2019. The Senate will have to rule in its together on February 17 to endorse or reject this decision. In the meantime, the boss of the League intends to exploit it for electoral purposes in view of the January 26 poll in Emilia-Romagna, a region governed by the left for 50 years.

With our correspondent in Rome, Anne Le Nir

Salvini was starting to run out of cartridges in an attempt to knock out the Democratic Party during the next elections in Emilia-Romagna. But the green light at the trial requested by the judiciary, which wants to try him for the kidnapping of migrants, gives him back momentum.

The case concerns the Gregoretti , a military ship blocked in Sicily, with 116 migrants on board, for a week in July 2019. Period when the boss of the League was still Minister of the Interior.

Believing that it would be in his interest to exploit the map of the defender of the borders of Italy sacrificed on the altar of justice, Salvini asked senators of his party to vote yes at the trial.

And their vote was decisive. Suddenly, Matteo Salvini was able to play, Monday evening, the role of the prisoner on a stage in the province of Bologna. A whole theater to strengthen its consensus.