Ciudad Hidalgo (dpa) - At the border between Guatemala and Mexico there have been clashes again between security forces and migrants from Central America who wanted to get to the USA via Mexico.

According to media reports, the Mexican border guards dissolved a group of several thousand migrants on Monday, using tear gas. However, several hundred people managed to get to the other side on foot through the shallow water of the Río Suchiate border river.

The Mexican Immigration Service said that around 500 people had illegally entered the country across the river. Most of them came from Honduras. With the help of the National Guard, 402 people were saved and taken to government agencies where they were supplied with food. From there they would be returned to their country of origin if necessary. Another 58 people had fled into the forest. They were searched for, it said. Another 40 migrants had decided to return to the Guatemalan border.

A number of migrants from Central America had already tried to use force to cross the border between Guatemala and Mexico on their way to the USA last weekend. Mexico temporarily closed the border because of the Saturday morning incident.

More than 3,500 Hondurans are reported to have left their country for the United States between Tuesday and Wednesday last Tuesday to escape violence and poverty. It is the first so-called migrant caravan of the new year.

Notice from the Mexican Immigration Service (Spanish)

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