It is the BBC that put together the deaths in the storm. A man died in his home in the Avila region when he was hit by a loose roof tile, according to local authorities, and a homeless woman froze to death near Valencia, according to Reuters.

Another person died of cooling down but outside his home in the municipality of Moixent. Another person died in a car accident on a snow-covered road in the Asturias region.

Cancellation of trafic

The AP7 motorway between France and Spain was closed due to heavy snowfall and many train departures have been canceled. Over 2,600 kilometers of road has been covered by snow by the storm.

Teaching for 170,000 students and students in the Catalonia and Valencia regions was canceled on Tuesday.

Southeastern France

The department of Pyrenées-Orientales in southeastern France has also been hit by the storm.

"Gloria is the worst storm that has hit the region in wintertime since January 1982," says meteorologist Olivier Proust, at Météo France to Franceinfo.