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In the aftermath of the Berlin conference on Libya, the Tripolitans severely judge the results. No binding measures have been taken to impose a cease-fire. The fighting was also heard Monday from the city center. Even in the most spared places of Tripoli, the time is for pessimism.

Do not be fooled by appearances. In the chic Al-Andalous district, by the sea, the cafes fill up as usual. However, customers are looking gray after the Berlin conference, which they consider a failure. Like Salah, who particularly resents the European Union: “ I am disappointed, because I believed that this conference would save the Libyans, not save the situation of Haftar. "

For the 44-year-old trader, Berlin has confirmed that military support from the Turks has become inevitable. " There is only one solution left: force Haftar's forces to leave the Tripoli region. Without that, it will be difficult to find a solution, a peaceful solution, I mean. "

Sofiane Gritli's house is just 6 km from the front. The father therefore seriously envisages the exodus: “ We are considering leaving the country and becoming migrants. Exactly as it happened in Iraq and Syria, even if we as Libyans don't want it. I think the situation is worse than in 2011. Today it is a civil, tribal and political war. "

In 2011, Sofiene Gritli refused to leave, trusting NATO and the international community to spare the population and rebuild the country.

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