Visual of the opening of the exhibition & amp; eacute; The Last Wedding & amp; quot; of Rebecka Tollens - Rebecka Tollens

Rebecka Tollens: The Last Wedding

Culture> Expo - 27 rue de charonne, 75011, Paris - Free

Back to Paris with this new exhibition, Rebecka Tollens is making a solo investment in the four levels of the Arts Factory gallery. An ambitious project, the design of which between Stockholm and Andalusia will have required long months of work, The Last Wedding mixes pencil and charcoal drawings, ceramics, video installation, walldrawing.

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The girl with the pearl to illustrate the conference of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts - PARI and the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts

How do machines think and how do we think?

Culture> Conference - 292 Rue Saint-Martin, Amphithéâtre Abbé Grégoire, 75003, Paris - Free

Human or artificial: Pierre-Michel Menger and Eric Moulines meet their gaze as a sociologist and mathematician on intelligence. Talking about human intelligence and artificial intelligence installs man and machine on a continuum of commensurability, whose confrontations with chess or go games would constitute a kind of paradigmatic variation. But these verdicts, all the more spectacular as they give the losing man, make cheap an analytical decomposition allowing to better grasp what makes human intelligence, and that of machines. Volume of information, speed of execution, computational complexity, power of learning, intuition, common sense, creativity in the face of uncertainty are only some of the dimensions that allow intelligence to be broken down, to clarify its nature and locate it. This decomposition implies as evidence that practices can occupy, on these different dimensions, non-congruent positions: the best calculating machine is not necessarily the most creative. By making obsolete the trivial ordinal appraisals of the relationships that human and artificial intelligence can maintain (which is therefore the strongest?), The decomposition of intelligence into heterogeneous lines must make it possible to better understand their irreducible specificities and their potential complementarities.

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View of a forest from bottom to top - Royalty free

Art and ecology: the emergence of new stories

Culture> Conference - 4 rue Eugène Spuller - Ticket office 2 rue Perrée, Paris - Free

A thematic cycle of debate-conferences hosted for the fourth season at the Carreau du Temple, The Rencontres de la Sorbonne this year propose to consider the place of art in the fight against ecological dysfunctions.

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Céline Bishop, Luis Rigou and Los Guardiola perform Tango Secret - TAC Productions

Tango Secret

Shows> Dance - 5 Passage Louis-Philippe, 75011 Paris, France - 18-23 euros

The story told by Tango Secret begins at the end of the 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, near the mataderos, these huge warehouses where the gauchos came to bring the cattle intended for slaughter. In these bad neighborhoods, drowned in huge amounts of meat, mud and blood, was born the tango.

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Bruno Solo, Mélanie Page and Julien Boisselien in "10 years after" by David Foenkinos - Ioda Creation Studios

10 years later

Shows> Theater - 15 Rue Blanche, 75009 Paris, France - 36-46 euros

Should we introduce our best friend to the woman we love?

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Official visual of the Social Bar Eloquence Battle - Social Bar

Social Battle of Eloquence # 17

Evenings> Afterwork - 25 rue Villiot, 75012, Paris - Free

It promises to be awesome! The two eloquent stars Guillaume Prigent and Eddy Moniot invite you for a new evening of eloquence. With heavy! The great program will be as follows: Step 1: Warm-up then participatory debate; Step 2: First debate of champions; Step 3: Open stage, 3 minutes max, 1 condition: have it prepared! (For the subject, see the Facebook event); Step 4: Second and third debate of champions; Step 5: The conclusion by Guillaume Prigent, the champion of champions. So convinced? If yes, come and if you still have a doubt, come too!

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