The Saint-Nazaire bridge. - LOIC VENANCE / AFP

Childbirth in a place to say the least original. According to Ouest-France , a resident of Chauvé in Loire-Atlantique was forced to give birth, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, in her car on the bridge at Saint-Nazaire.

The couple were driving to the maternity hospital in Saint-Nazaire when the woman felt the water pocket rupture. The vehicle was just entering the bridge. The mother (already a little girl) only had to push twice so that the baby was not born. She was two and a half weeks away from term. According to Ouest-France , she had planned a towel and a large wool sweater to keep the little one warm… Como.

The mother used to give birth to… kids

When they arrived at the maternity hospital, the woman and the baby were taken care of by a midwife and a nurse. Dad was able to cut the umbilical cord still in the car. The mother, who is an employee of a goat farm and who therefore has the habit of giving birth to kids, has in any case not lacked composure.


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