Düsseldorf (dpa) - Only at the turn of the year did the reduction in VAT lead to a price slide for tampons and sanitary towels. But now some manufacturers want to use this moment of all to raise prices. The discounter Aldi Nord reported on Monday that "it had received price increases for feminine hygiene articles from some brand manufacturers".

It was not much different for the Kaufland discounter, because with regard to the hygiene articles, it said: “We cannot understand the current price increases of the suppliers. We are currently not aware that raw material prices have increased. We are not ready to accept these price increases ». The "Lebensmittel Zeitung" and several other media had previously reported on the planned price increases.

However, two leading manufacturers of tampons and sanitary napkins, the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson and the always manufacturer Procter & Gamble, emphasized that at the request of the German Press Agency, no price increases were planned. Johnson & Johnson said: "We have not raised our prices and will not raise our tampon prices in connection with the tax cut."

The competitor Procter & Gamble also emphasized that “there would be no price increases compared to the retail trade”. In the last few months before the VAT changeover, the company made no changes to the prices of its menstrual products.

In retail chains, the willingness to increase the prices for tampons and sanitary pads again after only a few weeks is obviously already low. The retail chains dm, Rewe and Penny emphasized that there were no plans to increase the prices for menstrual products that had been reduced just a few weeks ago due to the reduction in VAT. The drugstore chain dm expressly pointed out that the prices that had just been reduced were "valid for at least four months" according to the company's long-term price strategy.

At the turn of the year, the VAT on menstrual products had been reduced from 19 to 7 percent, which made the products cheaper.