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Immediately written, immediately published on Twitter. Actress Brigitte Bardot published an open letter to Emmanuel Macron on Monday. A fire in which she violently criticizes the policy of the President of the Republic in the fight against cruelty to animals.

- BRIGITTE BARDOT (@brigitte_bardot) January 20, 2020

The president of the Foundation Brigitte Bardot met Emmanuel Macron in July 2018 and made four requests to him: the end of slaughterings within the framework of ritual sacrifices, the end of the consumption of horse meat, the prohibition of chicken farms laying hens in cages and stopping shredding of live chicks.

"Everything is only blood and violence"

"You had to give an answer in December 2018, I am still waiting, despite my many letters of reminder," says the former actress, who therefore "yells at the president." "According to her, Emmanuel Macron" has no empathy, no compassion, no sensitivity, no humanity. Worse, since his election, "everything is only blood and violence," according to Brigitte Bardot, who accuses Emmanuel Macron of having taken the side of the hunters.

"France is stagnating and regressing" in terms of animal suffering, said the actress, who asked the president to "take action. "


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