The mobility pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai showcases all forms and types of mobility throughout the ages, and how the evolution of mobility has affected human progress, since mankind started its first steps in its journey to mobility and even the interconnected digital world of the current era, up to Mars.

When designing the pavilion, attention focused on the surrounding environment to ensure ease of movement to and from it, and create an environment that attracts visitors to the exhibition.

Ease of movement

The first executive partner and president of the studio “Foster Studio & Partners” who designed the mobility pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai, Gerard Evenden, stated that the building that the company worked on designing is devoted to the subject of mobility, within the three subject areas along with opportunities and sustainability, noting that Its design is a physical representation of what is inside. Evenden explained that the design of the pavilion is not only related to the building, but also focused on the surrounding environment to ensure ease of movement from and to it across multiple paths and to create an environment that attracts visitors to the pavilion to sit and stay and enjoy the exhibition as a whole. He added that «the company has tried over the past 52 years to ensure the sustainability of all the buildings that it worked on», pointing out that «sustainability has been a prominent topic for the company since it started its work and is something that it takes seriously».

Comfortable environment

"From the first day the company took over the mobility suite project at Expo 2020, it was looking at the wing job within the framework of the need for an environment that makes people feel comfortable," Evenden said, noting that "Expo 2020 Dubai projects showcasing a sustainable green architecture model."

And he explained that «the interesting thing in Dubai is that because of the rapid development of architecture and because of the speed of this development, it has acquired a great knowledge at the local and international levels regarding construction projects.

Evenden pointed out that the UAE seeks to encourage technology and three-dimensional printing of buildings and large solar power plants, noting that "Expo 2020" offers and provides many ideas for the way of future thinking in the construction sector.

A stimulating opportunity

In addition, the Mobility Pavilion provides an exciting and stimulating opportunity for thought, as it will show all forms and types of mobility through the ages, and how the evolution of mobility has affected human progress, from the first steps in the mobility journey to the interconnected digital world of the present era.

In ancient times, nature had pushed mankind to move around and allowed that, and even primitive homes were mobile. Mobility is a multi-step journey, in which each step starts from realizing the previous step, and building on thousands of human innovations.


The pavilion sheds light on man’s innovations and motives to improve the life that enabled him to reach what we have reached, and we will continue to do so by applying mathematics and astronomy sciences in exploration, as there are minds that have been able in the past to apply these sciences to map the Earth’s maps and geographical features, which provided For all of us, greater accuracy has facilitated the process of exploration, encounter of new cultures, exchange of information, ideas, cultures and goods.

It will be evident in various parts of the "Expo 2020 Dubai" that the Emirate of Dubai originated as a multicultural commercial center, and the movement has always been a driver for Dubai and the UAE, and the amazing growth achieved here was a result of the vision of leaders who brought the peoples of the region together.

Dubai has always been a major hub for mobility, with its intercultural location and the center of trade and markets. This now extended to the solar system through the "Hope" probe, which the UAE will launch to explore Mars.

Extensive experience

The designer of the mobility suite at Expo 2020 Dubai, Gerard Evenden, has worked on a variety of projects for 26 years, after graduating from the Institute of Science and Technology at the University of Wales. His interest in innovation and new building technologies is evident in his global experience and projects that have won global awards.

Evenden's extensive project experience includes the UAE Pavilion at the International Expo in Milan (2015) and Shanghai (2010), as well as a diverse number of buildings and landmarks across the Emirates, in addition to a number of architectural landmarks elsewhere in the world.

Fast track

The Mobility Pavilion includes a fast track, of which an open segment will be used to display the latest future cars, while there will be a listed theater, a second platform and a courtyard around the pavilion providing a great opportunity for transportation-related shows, parties and seminars.

"Expo Dubai" provides a new way for future thinking in building and construction.

The Pavilion displays all forms of mobility and its types through the ages.