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Pigga Lilian, almost 103 years, fixes everything herself


"I probably never thought I would be this old," says Lilian Magnusson of Kosta.

We meet her in the red brick villa she lives in and takes care of herself. She ties the apron around her waist and puts a scarf on her head. When she is cooking, which she does every day, she makes sure she is properly equipped for kitchen work.

Lilian Magnusson turns 103 this summer - an impressive age. But it's not just her age that impresses, but her whole way of life.

- I make sure to have regular times, I go to bed early, and get up fairly early, she says.

Porridge with raisins and jam

The breakfast consists of coffee and two sandwiches.

"One a rough one and a fine one," she says.

Then it becomes porridge with raisins and lingonberry jam in the morning and a dinner early afternoon.

But before that she has bedded and breathed bedding outdoors. Which she does every day.

- Then I get some steps as I go back and forth, she says.

"Gymnastics is good"

Often she takes a workout indoors as well. She shows how she usually does and bends down, letting her fingers touch the floor.

- Gymnastics is good, says Lilian Magnusson.

She has lived in the house for more than 50 years, which is next door to her 85-year-old son Lars-Gösta Magnusson. They are close to each other and he usually looks into her for a while every day. But her everyday life, she can handle it herself.

- Yes, she prepares all the food herself, says son Lars-Gösta Magnusson.

- In the evening before I go to bed, I eat fruit, a banana or an orange, it should be easy. says Lilian Magnusson.

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