- We will continue the discussions tomorrow and would like to come up with a proposal that we can pass on to the Finance Committee, Svantesson said.

Ulla Andersson believes that a proposal may be ready soon.

- We continue to work to move forward and do not expect it to take weeks, rather days. The important thing is that welfare gets money, she said.

"Matters of focus"

Both Andersson and Svantesson keep the door open for more collaborations during the term of office.

- You should not exclude that. We always focus on the issues. We did it with the Employment Service and we are now doing it with money for welfare, we will see how this term of office develops, ”Svantesson said.

Ulla Andersson pointed out that the Moderates need the Left Party's help to force the government with support parties to retreat.

"We have a pretty good position that we will use to prevent privatization and right-wing politics and to invest in welfare and achieve a more economic equality," she said.

Andersson also received the question of needing support from the Swedish Democrats, which is necessary to gain a majority. She answered:

- We put forward the Left Party's policy. How the Swedish Democrats vote they must decide.