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The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has advised to anticipate this Saturday the return of the weekend due to the entry of the Gloria storm , for which there is a risk of snowfall in areas of Levante and eastern Castilla-La Mancha , to avoid possible incidents that may occur on the road.

The DGT has warned that traffic may be restricted to certain vehicles and, where appropriate, establish preventive cuts during this phenomenon, which will affect especially since Sunday .

Traffic issued this warning on Friday due to the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency on the storm, which will be accompanied by strong winds, rain and snow and that will affect the entire peninsula, especially the Mediterranean and eastern part of Castilla-La Stain.

The most adverse weather events are expected for Sunday and Monday , so the DGT informs that it is important to plan the trips taking this situation into account.

In addition to the local and local roads that may be affected by this phenomenon, high-capacity roads , highways and highways could also present complications.

In the event that the displacements that have to be carried out pass through any of the roads included in the areas with snow warning, the conditions of the trip can be affected by possible actions on the road in order to guarantee the fluidity and the road safety at all times .

Among them, restrictions on the circulation of heavy vehicles and others that do not have winter tires or chains, limit speed and prohibit overtaking, total preventive cuts and mandatory follow-up of alternative deviations.

The DGT recommends that extreme caution be exercised when driving through the areas and roads affected by this forecast, as well as having adequate means and equipment to travel safely.

Remember that road users must pay attention to the signaling on the variable message panels and to the indications of the agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Group as well as to allow the passage of road and snowplow conservation vehicles. It is very important that you travel in a convoy and leave the left lane free.

The DGT will report the circulation situation through the media, especially in newsletters on radio stations, on social networks such as Twitter @DGTes and @informacionDGT, on its website www.dgt.es and in the phone 011.

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