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Nuoro, life imprisonment for the man who killed his ex-wife and wounded her boyfriend


The Gup's sentence came after 3 hours in the Council Chamber. The murder dates back to March 31, 2019 and the trial took place with a shortened rite

Crime scene

  • Murdered in Nuoro, ex-husband stopped after flight
  • Woman killed in Nuoro, man on the run


by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea 17 January 2020 Ettore Sini, the former 49-year prison officer from Ozieri (Sassari) on trial in Nuoro was sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of killing his ex-wife Romina Meloni and seriously injuring the woman's new partner, Gabriele Fois, both 49 years old.

The murder dates back to March 31, 2019 when the man broke into the apartment in the capital where the couple lived to fire on his ex-wife and against the woman's new partner.

The Gup Claudio Cozzella issued the sentence after three hours of the Council Chamber and was pronounced in the presence of the accused who intervened in the courtroom. The process took place with a shortened rite, therefore behind closed doors.

During the harangue of the defenders of Ettore Sini, avv. Lorenzo Soro and lawyer Pasquale Ramazzotti, it has been explained that to trigger the murderous fury of the prison guard, would have been the man 's last call to his ex - wife, when the woman was having lunch in Nuoro with her new partner' s parents.

The lawyer. Ramazzotti reconstructed those dramatic moments and explained why there would be no premeditation: "In the days preceding the crime, Romina had made it clear to Sini, madly in love with her, that there was room for hope to get back together - he reconstructed the legal - proof are the messages of the woman in which she called Sini 'treasure' and in which she asked him to bring her cigarettes to the house where he lived with Gabriele in Nuoro, in the moments when he was not there but, in the last phone call Romina he changes suddenly and has words of an unprecedented harshness for Sini. The latter realizes that it is being recorded: it is Fois' sister who activates the tape recorder while they were at the table - added the defender - Romina tells Sini that it was over, who now loves Gabriele, almost wanting to exhibit with his new acquired relatives that his previous relationship was closed ". According to the lawyer, at that moment in Sini "the world collapses, jumps in the car, wants to go to clarify with Romina and puts aside the intentions of going to his uncle to kill a donkey. Enter the house of Romina and Gabriele and shoot the five shots. We know how it went, he wanted to kill himself but he has no more shots in the barrel. "

After the defenders' harangue, the prosecutors reiterated the motive for jealousy, but also that Ettore Sini would have implemented the murderous plan before arriving in Nuoro.

Source: rainews

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