Contrary to what this Facebook post indicates, Edouard Philippe was not asleep at the time when this photo was taken. - Facebook screenshot

  • A photomontage accuses Edouard Philippe of having taken a nap during a session at the National Assembly.
  • The Prime Minister used to close his eyes briefly, but he was not sleeping when this photo was taken.
  • The photomontage compares the situation of Edouard Philippe to that of Adama Cissé. The cleaning agent was fired after a photo of him, taken without his knowledge during a break, was posted on social media, leading to his dismissal.

At the summit of the Republic, would the Prime Minister be allowed to doze in the Assembly? A photomontage showing Edouard Philippe on one side, his head tilted back, his eyes closed, and on the other, Adama Cisse, a cleaning officer lying down during a break, suggests it.

" Two weights, two measures ! And yet, they take a nap, ”indignant the administrator of the page“ Roleke in delirious bis ”, who posted the image on January 14. Since then, the montage has been shared 15,000 times on Facebook.

Edouard Philippe was not asleep when this photo was taken. - Facebook screenshot


The image on the left shows Adama Cisse, a cleaning agent, who contested his dismissal on Tuesday before the industrial tribunal of Créteil. In 2018, a surfer posted this photo of him resting on a street in Paris, accusing him of "snoozing". The photo was taken without the knowledge of the cleaning officer. Adama Cisse had stopped "for a break," according to his lawyer. He had taken off his shoes because of foot pain. In October 2018, his employer, the company Derichebourg, had dismissed him for "serious misconduct". The industrial tribunal must render its decision on June 19.

The image on the right shows Edouard Philippe during a question and answer session to the government in the National Assembly, on July 19, 2017. It is a crop of a photo taken by a photographer from the Sipa news agency, who shows the Prime Minister seated in the hemicycle of the National Assembly, with Christophe Castaner, then government spokesman, on his left. In 2019, the photographer explained to Le Monde that the Prime Minister is in the habit of repeating certain attitudes, such as when he “briefly closes his eyes” or “nibbles his glasses when he listens or thinks”.

Edouard Philippe, at the National Assembly, July 19, 2017. The Prime Minister briefly closed his eyes. - PDN / SIPA

During this session of July 19, we briefly see Edouard Philippe leaning his head back at the start of a video broadcast by France Info (from the fiftieth second). In a second video, posted by the Assembly, we see that the Prime Minister is perfectly awake just before and after this sequence, writing notes or taking off his glasses, while listening to the speakers (from the 18th minute) .

As for the remuneration advertised in the photomontage, are they correct? They are close to the available data. The salary of a cleaning agent ranges between 1,584.95 and 1,903.46 euros gross per month, according to a salary scale published by the CFDT. Edouard Philippe's remuneration amounts to 15,140 euros gross monthly, the same amount as that received by the President of the Republic.

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