Paris (AFP)

Radio Europe 1 will have to pay nearly 400,000 euros to the journalist Natacha Polony, the industrial tribunal, which she had seized, having judged that her dismissal in 2017 was without real and serious cause, L magazine reported Friday. Express.

"The law has been rendered," said his lawyer Philippe Gumery on Twitter.

The journalist, who has since become editorial director of the weekly Marianne and founded a sovereignist web-TV, Polony.TV, had notably ensured the morning press review of Europe 1 for 5 years, until Lagardère group radio decides to stop their collaboration.

At a hearing, reports L'Express, the radio's lawyer had justified this decision because "the hearings were bad" and the journalist had refused a change in her activity, which would have been accompanied by a cut in salary.

The industrial tribunal finally agreed with the journalist by deciding to reclassify as a permanent contract the fixed-term contracts she had signed, and ordered the radio to pay her a total of 390,580 euros in various respects, as well as 1,500 euros for offset its legal costs (on the basis of article 700 of the code of civil procedure), details the Express.

As the magazine recalls, other alumni of Europe 1 have condemned the station for unfair dismissal. A little less than a year ago, the former director of information Fabien Namias, thanked in July 2017, had thus obtained 411,500 euros.

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