• Iraq, 11 US soldiers hospitalized for investigations after Iranian military-based attack
  • Iran, Trump offers peace. EU in Rohani: "No irreversible acts on nuclear power"
  • Iran, Rohani appeals for national unity. "Army apologize for plane shot down"
  • Iran, very high tension: new day of protests, riot forces deployed


January 17, 2020 "In the past two weeks there have been bitter and sweet days, a turning point in history. The two great events of General Qassem Soleimani's funeral and the day when Iran attacked the US bases were 'Days of Allah. "The two episodes, miracles of Allah's hands, showed the power of a nation that slapped the US in the face and that Allah's will is to continue on the path and win the victory." The Iranian Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei said this in his first sermon after 8 years of Islamic prayer in Tehran.

With the missile attack on the US military base in Iraq last week, Iran "has hit America's prestige and pride." So this morning the supreme leader of the Iranian Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei during an expected sermon in the great mosque. In Tehran, an immense crowd attended the prayer led by the religious leader and the intervention was broadcast live on state TV. Khamenei, speaking of the clash between Iran and the United States, compared it to the "resistance opposed by Moses to the Egyptian pharaohs", superpower of the time.

The "bitter tragedy" from the shooting down of the Ukrainian plane in Tehran "must not obscure the sacrifice of Soleimani".

'' The fact that Iran has the power to slap an arrogant '' like the United States '' shows that God supports us ''.
In reference to the attack carried out by the Guardians of the Iranian Revolution (the Pasdaran) against two American bases in Iraq and to the crowd that participated in the funeral ceremonies for General Qassem Soleimani, Khamenei spoke of "divine days".

"The terrorist president of America, Donald Trump" committed the crime "of killing Iranian general Qassem Soleimani" not on the battlefield, but in a cowardly way ". Soleimani "fought in the front lines against ISIS terrorists. He was the most important commander in the fighting against ISIS in Syria and Iraq but the Americans did not have the courage to face him on the battlefield and killed him while he was in seen in Baghdad at the invitation of the Iraqi government, "remarked Khamenei.