The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Libyan reconciliation government called for the necessity of inviting Tunisia and Qatar to the Berlin conference, and said that their participation supports peace talks and the establishment of security and stability in Libya.

In a letter addressed to the German embassy in Tripoli, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Al-Wefaq, said that Tunisia was of the utmost importance, as it was a bordering neighbor that had contributed to receiving thousands of Libyan refugees who had taken refuge in its territory.

On the importance of Qatar's participation in the Berlin conference, the Libyan Foreign Ministry stressed that Qatar has been one of the most important countries supporting Libya since the February 17, 2011 revolution.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the participation of Tunisia and Qatar supports peace talks and the establishment of security and stability in Libya.

Tunisia is considered the most country in the vicinity of Libya affected by the war, especially since its borders with it are close to 500 km, and its ambassador to Berlin, Ahmed, showed the blade of his country's great surprise and surprise by the decision to exclude it.

Turkey has also insisted on attending Tunisia, and Ankara has invited Chancellor Angela Merkel to contact President Qais Saeed to invite him to visit her country without participating in the Berlin conference.

As for Qatar, it is considered among the countries that support the Al-Wefaq government, and Turkey has insisted on its presence in the budget to support the retired Major General Khalifa Haftar and participate in the conference.

The Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, has made it clear that his country's exception to the invitation to the conference may be due to reasons related to the host country or the United Nations.